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Geo Location Tracking

Provides you the current locations of your family members so you know that everyone are safe or not safe. And shows real time location on google map.

Chatting and Messenger

Members can send and receive free unlimited massages and Chat with each other. You can chat with all group members at any time.

Panic Alert

One touch Panic alert button send location and emergency alert to all members in a group. When ever anyone in trouble just click one button send current location to all.

Location History

Its saves Location History of all members and other user can be see this all location on Map. Save you location after a fix time and shows to your freinds.

Our Aim

Our mission is to improve the communication within families and close friends when they are not physically together. We believe that a family locator is an essential solution for every family.

We are a small team of passionate entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers excited about the idea of building an AI-powered family location platform and offering it to every family around the world.




Awesome app Guyz this app is jus wonderful...i had downloaded a number of locator apps before this one and none of them worked properly..all were just terrible...finally i got this one and it just awesome..the best one..

John Deo

It's great I installed this 2 days ago and it's work great gives exact location when GPS turn on. Finally nice app for family locator. Very good I like the fact that my family members can be easily located in an emergancy


Good stuff Simple to set up once you realise everyone must be in a 'group'.....not sure if it does it or not but would be good to be able to plot a route to the person you are trying to find or meet up with